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  Artist News  

Whether it be as a deluxe sideman, a bandmember, a journalist or the mind and fingers behind J. Merrick, Julien "Beurks" Bitoun is one the finest roots rock players in France. With the Godin Richmond Dorchester, he found a workhorse that could face any musical situation, take a good thrashing, and still look like a fun guitar from space. He used it as the main guitar for the J. Merrick album, due out this summer.



Acclaimed UK electro-rock band The Big Pink garnered much acclaim for their lastest release "A Brief History Of Love" on the 4AD record label. The band won NME awards for Best New Act & Best Track for their song "Dominos." After a busy touring schedule at major rock festival dates, they recently also shared the stage with the Muse in London's Wembley Stadium. Guitarist & singer Robbie Furze feels right at home on stage with his Belmont with Bigsby® & Dorchester with Bigsby® models. "They feel great and play beautifully. They sound like they're meant to be heard. With my diverse set up, they can handle a full range of effects and amplification, in the studio and in a live environment."




The Roberto López Project is a polycultural orchestra presenting the original compositions of multi-instrumentalist, composer, and director Roberto López. The project captures the essence of traditional Latin rhythms in an urban and contemporary environment, encompassing styles such as Cumbia-Funk, Urban-Mambo, Boogaloo, Latin-Soul, Latin-Reggae, Colombian Pacific coast’s Currulao, Colombian Caribbean coast’s Porro Pelayero, and 70’s Salsa Dura... all mixed with a contemporary Canadian urban sound. With Godin Richmond Dorchester with Bigsby® in hand, Roberto was the recent winner of L' Artiste Révélation Radio-Canada 2010-2011!

Latest Video "Soy Panamericano" featuring Richmond Dorchester Bigsby:





Godin Richmond endorsee Steve Ouimette releases his debut CD, "EPIC", on Sumthing Else Music Works.  Digital release is available now and the CD/DVD will be available in stores as of October 26, 2010.


Montreal guitarist Jordan Officer is a true talent! In his hands, the blues, jazz and country blend into an eminently singular and personal language. Whether in the company of singer Susie Arioli or in the framework of his solo projects, this alchemist of swing has made a name for himself over the past decade as one of the most remarkable artisans of the blue note. "The Belmont, which has now become my main guitar in my solo shows, has been giving me everything I need, from Django tones to harder blues or even rock sounds." says Officer of his Godin Richmond Belmont with Bigsby®.

More info at:


Canadian power-pop outfit, The Mission District have a ton of melodic hooks on their latest release called "Youth Games" On Stage, guitarist Travis Barfoot gets those hooks across with his Godin Richmond Belmont. "I own 8 big brand name guitars, and the Richmond Belmont outplays them all, feel wise and tone wise" says Barfoot. Check out The Mission District at:



Post-Hardcore punk band Of Machines blazed on the scene with their acclaimed album "As if everything was held in place" on Rise records. The band toured extensively across North America when guitarist Mike Matejick got his hands on his Godin Richmond Belmont. "The Belmont is so versatile, it can put out a nasty crunch but at the same time it has a beautiful clean tone" says Matejick.



Guitarist Chris Greenough from Canadian rock band Pilot Speed brings his ethereal soundscapes & driving chordal guitarwork to the full sound of the band, as heard on their latest album "Wooden Bones" out on Wind-up records US and MapleMusic Canada. Their song "Light You Up" was featured as the theme song for the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. Hear Chris and his Dorchester live while on tour near you.

(photo credit: J.C. Lopher)


"The Dorchester is the coolest new guitar I've played in a long time. It's extremely versatile and comfortable. I can use this guitar live for most songs in our repertoire. It simply Rocks!" says Frank Williamson from the Juno award winning band MOBILE. Check out their latest album "Tales from the City" on Universal Music Canada and Bieler Bros in the U.S. and be sure to catch them live in a city near you.

(photo credit: Dominic Viola)

  Guitarist Corey Diabo & the Godin Richmond Belmont. He was immediately thrilled with its tone and retro vibe. The firey fretwork of his playing is the back bone of Montreal based Jonas & the Massive Attraction's studio albums and live shows. Catch Corey with JMA on tour and check out the bands latest album "Big Slice" on Big Slice Records/Select Distribution.
  THE STILLS were this years recipients of the Juno awards for "Best New Group" and "Best Alternative Rock Album" for their latest release "Oceans will Rise" on Arts & Crafts records. Recently off a tour with Kings of Leon and various Festivals, the band is ready to record once again. In the meantime, catch guitarist/singer Tim Fletcher and co. with his Dorchester during one of their melodic & emotionally charged live sets.
  'Heralding from London, the band consist of twin brothers Mike Bishop (vocals, guitar) Pete Bishop (vocals, bass), younger brother Alex Bishop (vocals, guitar) and Scotsman Chris McConville (drums). The band recorded their self-titled debut album 'The Bishops' at the infamous Toe Rag Studios, produced by creative analogue genius Liam Watson. This was released internationally in 2007 and followed up with their second album 'For Now' in 2009. 'For Now' was recorded at Bark Studios in London with indie veteran Brian O'Shaughnessy. Not being ones shy of the road, they have released their albums and toured internationally all across Europe, Russia and Japan.
Their latest EP 'Sojourn' marks a departure from their prominent garage/beat sound of their first two records into a more contemporary and alternative direction. Check out new songs 'Nowhere To Run' and 'Finding Out' on the tracks page.'
  Dory Lobel has made a name for himself as a hot L.A guitarist, songwriter, bassist, composer and producer. His stylistic diversity and technical prowess, coupled with his strong musical instincts and soulful approach enable him to seamlessly fit into any musical situation. He has performed all over the world playing for multi-platinum selling artists Jesse McCartney, Enrique Iglesias and currently the Backstreet Boys.